Theatre dialogues with refugee and non-refugee students from Berlin schools, with Ute Zimmermanns and Stefanie Dorr, on behalf of August-Bebel-Institut  

Kreativ im Konflikt – eine theaterpädagogische Fortbildung in gewaltfreier Konfliktbearbeitung, conflict transformation and theatre, with Marianne Koch, Anja Petz and Harald Weishaupt, on behalf of KURVE Wustrow and Friedenskreis Halle

KURINGA-Workshop in Lyon/France for the Veduta-Programme of the Lyon Biennale as part of the French-German project Proximité(s)

Accompaniment and coaching of the project Mega Meschugge – der Hass, der uns spaltet in Offenbach

AESTHETICS OF SOLIDARITY – KURINGA Forum Theatre Festival in Uferstudios in Berlin-Wedding

Workshops about Forum Theatre at Evangelische Akademie Thüringen

Accompaniment and coaching of the ZENDEGI forum theatre group in Greifswald, with Beate Reuter, Elisa Ottersberg and Jan Holten

Courses with social work students at Evangelische Hochschule für Soziale Arbeit Berlin