Forum theatre in schools

September-December 2006 (with Marek Spitczok von Brisinski, Ruben Kurschat and Anja Petz) Weekly sabisa forum theatre workshops for students from Alexander-Puschkin-Oberschule in Berlin-Lichtenberg and Thomas-Mann-Oberschule in Berlin-Reinickendorf.

GRIPS workshops at Berlin schools 

September-December 2006  (with Stefanie Schwenkler, Susanne Rieber and Jörg Isermeyer) Follow-up-workshops for GRIPS-Theater with students from Berlin schools who had visited youth plays in the theatre

Peace education conference in Guatemala

November 2006 Conference with course participants from the first three years of „Educación para la paz en América Central, México y Colombia” (Paulo-Freire-Institut Berlin/InWEnt)

Workshops with children and youth in San Salvador

November 2006 (with Claudia Sanchez) Theatre workshops with children and youth on community conflicts (for Intervida) and children’s rights (for CODEFAM – Comité de Familiares de Victimas a Violaciones a los Derechos Humanos ‚Marianela...

Mask theatre in Raßnitz

November 2006 (with Katrin Wolf) Theatre workshop with participants from Raßnitz youth prison for Miteinander e.V.

Pro-calidad: Workshops with InWEnt group

November 2006 (with Ilse Schimpf-Herken and Meike Herminghausen) Training for a new group of university and school teachers from Honduras, Peru and Guatemala for InWEnt

„outside“ – new TheaterDialog project in prison

October 2006 (with Katrin Wolf) TheaterDialog production with prisoners from „Sozialtherapeutische Anstalt der Justizvollzugsanstalt Halle II“ in Halle (Sachsen-Anhalt) about situations after being released from prison (for Miteinander e.V.)

„Klangbaustelle“ in the street

September 2006 (with Paulo Sommer, Peter Hofmann and Ralph Knappmeyer) „Klangbaustelle“ (percussion on plastic and metallic objects, developed by Paulo Sommer) at community street celebrations in Berlin, played by musicians and neighbours

Political Action Theatre at peace tax conference

September 2006 (with Harald Hahn) Eleventh International Conference on War Tax Resistance and Peace Tax Campaigns „War Tax – Responsibility – Peace Tax“ at Woltersdorf (Brandenburg) with political action theatre workshop and presentation

„40° fiever“ – Forum theatre in Raßnitz

May/June/July 2006 (with Katrin Wolf, choreographic collaboration: Heike Kuhlmann) TheaterDialog-production at Raßnitz youth prison, focussing on family conflicts and youth violence, with presentations for prisoners and „outside” audience (for Miteinander e.V.)

TheaterDialog training

April 2006 (with Katrin Wolf) Continuation of the training course organised by Bildungswerk Blitz e.V. in Thüringen

Workshops in El Salvador

March 2006 Workshops for Centro Bartolomé de las Casas and the Ministry of Education MINED

Peace Education Course in Guatemala

March 2006 Follow-up course in Guatemala with the group that met in Berlin in September 2005, focussing on conflict analysis, school mediation and forum theatre

InWEnt workshops in Berlin

January/February 2006 (with Ilse Schimpf-Herken and Meike Herminghausen) Workshops for InWEnt programme participants from Peru, Guatemala and Honduras, organized by Paulo Freire Institute Berlin.

TheaterDialog training course

November 2005/January 2006 (with Katrin Wolf) Four-day training for youth workers in the Eastern German county of Thüringen