Barrel workshop at Muktadhara

November/December 2008 (with Anke Zimpel and Peter Igelmund) Six-day percussion workshop and various presentations at the Jana Sanskriti festival Muktadhara in Kolkata/India Noisy dialogues – some remarks on tablas and plastic barrels

Action days in Senftenberg

November 2008 Forum and image theatre workshops with young people about racism and right extremism in the town of Senftenberg/Brandenburg

Forum theatre with prisoners and students

October/November 2008 (with Katrin Wolf) TheaterDialog/Miteinander-project with young day-release-prisoners from Raßnitz and with students from the University of Applied Sciences in Merseburg

Creando una cultura de paz

September/October 2008 (with Virginia Alvear, Jasmina Barckhausen, Ilse Schimpf-Herken, Annika Taube) One-month course of Paulo Freire Institut Berlin with peace and human rights activists from Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, on behalf...

Forum theatre at Hospizwoche

August-October 2008 (with Fei Kaldrack) Forum theatre workshop and public presentation with volunteers and professionals from hospices for the terminally ill

Reflection workshop

September 2008 Two-day-workshop with medical employees from hospices for the terminally ill

Political action theatre for multipliers

June/August 2008 (with Harald Hahn) Training for multipliers from different political groups and social movements at Bewegungsakademie, performance in Bremen on genetic engineering

„lotte, anton, oliverio“

August 2008 Film presentation and discussion about prison theatre in Buenos Aires/Argentine and Sachsen-Anhalt/Germany, with Mirella Galbiatti from Actuarnos Otros (organised by sabisa)

Pro-calidad: forum theatre 

July 2008 Forum theatre training course with group from Peru, Guatemala and Honduras, by Paulo Freire Insitut Berlin on behalf of InWEnt

Brazil and Argentine

May/June 2008 Visiting the group Actuarnos Otros in Buenos Aires/Argentine and the Centre of the Theatre of the Oppressed (CTO-Rio) in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil (participation in an internal CTO laboratory with Augusto Boal).

Newspaper theatre workshop

May 2008 Introductory workshop „newspaper theatre“ with participants of the ATTAC-Aktionsakademie 2008 in Heidelberg.

Reflection workshop

May 2008 Two-day-workshop with medical employees from hospices for the terminally ill

Forum theatre with Caucasian peace activists

March 2008 (with Marina Grasse and Dana Jirous) Omnibus / OWEN workshop in Istanbul on forum theatre in gender training and peace education with with peace und human rights activists from the Caucasus region

Newspaper theatre performance in Medellín

March 2008 „No son las flores, son los derechos“ (it’s not about flowers, it’s about rights) – public action with course participants on 8 March (International Day of Women’s Rights) in the centre of...

Peace education course in Colombia

March 2008 (with Virginia Alvear, Jasmina Barckhausen and Aki Krishnamurthy) Follow-up course in Bogotá and Medellín with the group that met in Berlin in September/October 2007, implemented by Paulo Freire Institut Berlin on behalf...

Forum theatre at Universidad Pedagógica Nacional in Colombia

March 2008 (with Aki Krishnamurthy, Luís Benitez and Pedro Patiño) Forum theatre workshop and presentation with students, teachers and workers of Universidad Pedagógica Nacional in Bogotá. More information here (in spanish)

Political action theatre for EED

February 2008 (with Harald Hahn) Introductory workshop in political action theatre for Evangelischen Entwicklungsdienst

Forum theatre at Omnibus

February 2008 (with Marina Grasse and Dana Jirous) Omnibus / OWEN workshop on forum theatre in gender training and peace education in Berlin

Kreativ im Konflikt IV

January 2008 (with Anja Petz, Harald Weishaupt and Marek Spitczok von Brisinski) Fourth and last phase of training course on conflict transformation and theatre

Mask theatre in Raßnitz

January 2008 (with Katrin Wolf) Last phase of the project started in 2007 in Jugendanstalt Raßnitz