Forum theatre in Weimar schools

December 2004 Forum theatre workshop and performances in two schools by the Weimar-based forum theatre group

Forum theatre in Berlin

December 2004 (with Anja Petz) Forum theatre workshop for multipliers, organised by sabisa – performing change

Open Space Forumtheater

December 2004 Open Space on the potentials and limits of forum theatre, organised by Netzwerk TheaterDialog, Miteinander e.V. and Friedenskreis Halle

Salam Berlin

November 2004 (with Mirjam Dirks) School workshops and performances conducted by sabisa – performing change, GRIPS-Theater and Theaterpädagogische Aktionen about the multicultural reality of Berlin.

SICHTEN VI conference

November 2004 Two short Political Action Theatre workshops and a TheaterDialog presentation at the theatre conference SICHTEN VI in Berlin.

TheaterDialog training programme

June-November 2004 (with Katharina Lammers and Katrin Wolf) Nine-day-training for multipliers from school, social work and peace education from Eastern and Western Germany, conducted by Netzwerks TheaterDialog on behalf of Miteinander e.V.

Aktionstheatergruppe on tour

October 2004 Forum theatre tour of the Aktionstheatergruppe Halle with performances in Germany and Austria

TheaterDialog at Silberhöhe

September 2004 (with Katrin Wolf and Peter Igelmund) Workshop for children and youth in as marginalised district of Halle (conducted by Netzwerk TheaterDialog)

Creando una cultura de paz

August/September 2004 Three days of image theatre and forum theatre as part of an InWEnt training for multipliers from Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and Nicaragua in Berlin (organised by Paulo-Freire-Institut)

Forum theatre at the WFD workcamp

August 2004 (with Anja Petz) sabisa forum theatre workshop and performance with young writers from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Israel, Palestine and Germany, organised by the projectpeace communication of the Berlin-based NGO Weltfriedensdienst

Fair Play at the Olympics: Berlin

June 2004 (with Harald Hahn) Political Action Theatre workshop and performance on behalf of INKOTA-netzwerk creative interventions in the public space to support the Clean Clothes Campaign on the day the Olympic torch was...

Fair Play at the Olympics: Leipzig

June 2004 (with Harald Hahn) Political action theatre workshop on behalf of INKOTA-netzwerk to prepare a street performance for the „Play fair at the Olympics“ action day of the Clean Clothes Campaign.

Forum theatre at the “Thüringen-Tour”

June 2004 Preparatory workshop with the Weimar forum theatre group for performances at an awareness tour of the „Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung“ in the East German county of Thüringen

„ Protagonist in your own life“ in Raßnitz youth prison

May/June 2004 (with Katrin Wolf, Ken Kupzok and Peter Igelmund) Forum theatre workshops/performances and percussion course in the youth prison of Raßnitz/Sachsen-Anhalt, conducted by Netzwerk TheaterDialog on behalf of Miteinander e.V.

TheaterDialog: School projects in Sachsen-Anhalt

May/June 2004 (with Katrin Wolf, Dagny Daheim, Andrea Janssen, Frank Hofmann) One-day school workshops conducted by Netzwerk TheaterDialog in the Eastern German county of Sachsen-Anhalt.

Invisible Theatre in Schwedt/Oder

May 2004 Invisible theatre workshop and performance at the first theatre festival for youth from Poland and from the Eastern German county of Brandenburg at Uckermärkische Bühnen Schwedt.

TheaterDialog in Gelsenkirchen

April 2004 (with Katharina Lammers and Katrin Wolf) Netzwerk TheaterDialog workshop with social workers in the Western German town of Gelsekirchen as part of a series of events against “xenophobia and racism”

PartyZipate! – Forum theatre in Weimar

April 2004 Forum theatre workshop and street performance about the presence of Neo-Nazis in the public space of Weimar (Eastern Germany) Weimar: the poster

piquete street theatre group

September 2000 – February 2004 (with Harald Hahn) Street theatre group started in September 2000 in collaboration with Fritz Letsch by initiative of the INKOTA-netzwerk with the aim of combining theatre with development awareness...

DOMINO project

April 2002 – january 2004 (with Katharina Lammers, Katrin Wolf and others) Employment as Kultur-/Theaterpädagoge in the project DOMINO – Zivilcourage im Rampenlicht in Halle/Saale and Merseburg (Saxony-Anhalt). Conceptualization and facilitation of a qualification...