anton. a forum theatre experiment

November/December 2007 (with Katrin Wolf) Forum theatre project with young male prisoners from Jugendanstalt Raßnitz

Kreativ im Konflikt III

November 2007 (with Anja Petz, Harald Weishaupt and Marek Spitczok von Brisinski) Third phase of training course on conflict transformation and theatre

Pro-calidad: Workshop with InWEnt-group  

November 2007 (with Ilse Schimpf-Herken) Workshop with group from Peru, Guatemala and Honduras, by Paulo Freire Institut Berlin on behalf of InWEnt

Drama in Human Rights Education

October/November 2007 (with Jana Tikalova and Anne Thiemann) Czech-German Seminar in Decin, organised by Deutsches Institut für Menschenrechte in cooperation with Czech National Agency YOUTH

Creando una cultura de paz

September/October 2007 (with Virginia Alvear, Jasmina Barckhausen, Ilse Schimpf-Herken, Aki Krishnamurthy) One-month course of Paulo Freire Institut Berlin with multipliers from Central America and Colombia, on behalf of InWEnt Information

Human dignity

August-October 2007 (with Fei Kaldrack) Project with volunteers and professionals from Berlin hospices

Congress on social therapy

September 2007 (with Katrin Wolf) Project presentation and workshop about TheaterDialog work in prison at 11th congress on social therapy

Kreativ im Konflikt II   

August 2007 (with Anja Petz, Harald Weishaupt and Marek Spitczok von Brisinski) Second phase of training course on conflict transformation and theatre

Pro-Calidad: Forumtheater mit InWEnt-Gruppe en

July 2007 Forum theatre workshop for school and university teachers from Peru, Honduras and Guatemala, part of a Paulo Freire Institut Berlin programme, on behalf of InWEnt

Forum theatre project at ASFH

July 2007 Project initiated by students from Alice-Salomon-Fachhochschule für Sozialpädagogik und Sozialarbeit

Just show – or emancipation on stage?

July 2007 Event organised by Stiftung Nord-Süd-Brücken (supported by with sabisa), with Aktionstheatergruppe Halle and Bárbara Santos from CTO-Rio

Kreativ im Konflikt I

June 2007 (with Anja Petz, Harald Weishaupt and Marek Spitczok von Brisinski) Training course on conflict transformation and theatre, by sabisa – performing change, Friedenskreis Halle and Kurve Wustrow

Workshop at Omnibus 1325

June 2007 (with Marina Grasse and Andrea Zemskow-Züge) Workshop about gender in peace work and conflict transformation: Omnibus 1325, a project by OWEN

Workshop with theatre group from Bremen

June 2007 Forum theatre workshop with theatre group from Bremen which started working with forum theatre after training courses at Bewegungsakademie

go.stop.act – creative action workshop for G8 protest

May/June 2007 (with Marc Amann and Harald Hahn) 5-day workshop at Bewegungsakademie focussing on radical puppetry and political action theatre, preparing creative protest against the G8 summit in Heiligendamm

Lecture on „Legislative Theatre in Brazil“ 

April 2007 Lecture during six-day-workshop with Sanjoy Ganguly from Jana Sanskriti organised by Aktionstheatergruppe Halle in cooperation with sabisa and Friedenkreis Halle.

Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo

January/February 2007 Two months for recreation, reflection and research at Augusto Boal’s Centro de Teatro do Oprimido in Rio de Janeiro (CTO-Rio) and Zé Celso’s Teatro Oficina in São Paulo. Conversations and a short...